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Trakya Oil  in 1960, formerly haberdashery, knitwear and fabrics to sell Apdinç by Mustafa Apdiç oil and as an individual company was founded under the name of durable consumer goods. Aygaz has been one of the first dealers in 1963, met with AYGAZ. 2 In the following years joint-stock company in the areas of operations by increasing the generation of the company, he has made ​​Apdiç. Thrace Petroleum, Beko dealership today, Life Water Corporate Reseller, Dogus Tea dealership, dealership Opet Petrol, Linde Gas Sales Partnership distributorship Belgin Thrace, as well as offers professional solutions for companies with customer loyalty programs.
With 35 employees and more than 20 in stock both fast shuttle service, our company is ambitious, the best service to their customers and subscribers, is committed to provide the fastest service.


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